About Me


Hi! My name is Jonny Engelberg. That’s me, most likely in the throes of creativity and insight, but who can tell? I’m majoring in writing, which qualifies me to start a blog about evolution when I’m not too busy being poor.

I am going against my nature, so to speak. Evolution is a tricky subject, and as a humanities major, I’ve been trained to avoid those.  I could take the easy route here, too. I could start a blog about something important, something the Internet really cares about, like cats that resemble dictators. And, to be honest, it would probably be a lot more readable than whatever it is I’m currently expelling on the page. But Kitties that Look Like Josef Chlopicki is going to have to wait—I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.

That’s a half-lie, actually. Besides writing, I’ve studied behavioral biology in college, which fed into my decision to establish “Still Selecting.” The evolution we learn about in school is a force arcane and mystical, like when the ear buds for your iPod get all twisted up: you know it happens, hell, it’s probably happening now, but it’s impossible to catch those punks in the act. All you’re left with is the proof, the baffling, convoluted knot that is our present biosphere. (That metaphor got a little away from me, but you get the point.)

The fact is, evolution is going on all around us—it doesn’t stop, not even for humans, no matter how special we think we are with our “vaccines” and our “moral codes”. So maybe you feel natural selection has lost some of its oomph. Maybe your idiot friend Terry made a full recovery in the hospital after he tried to do a handstand on your balcony, and you thought, “So much for survival of the fittest.” But there are subtler ways by which nature is still selecting, and there are other, interesting ways that ways we are intervening too. This blog will document all the evidence to that end, evidence that humans, as well as animals, are evolving to this day.

I should note that this blog is not political. I don’t want to convince you of anything, except maybe that biology is cool. If I accomplish nothing but to intrigue you for a moment, to rob you of five minutes, at the end of which you lean back and remark to no one in particular, “Huh. Interesting”; if I can do that much, I will have done my job. Now get on back to StalinCats.org.


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